Terms of Use of Fallout Market

Before using Fallout Market, please read the rules below so everyone can have the best experience possible.

Terms and conditions:

  • The exchanges on Fallout Market can only be made against bottlecaps, any attempt to exchange with another currency, real or virtual, will be penalized.
  • Advertisers and users must write in a correct language, minimizing language errors and without using abbreviations.
  • When you save your profile information, you will need to enter your exact Bethesda account name in order to exchange with other users when a transaction is confirmed.
  • The use of hacked/stolen Bethesda account is strictly prohibited.
  • At the conclusion of a sale, both users commit themselves within a maximum of 24 hours in order to validate their transaction in the game and to notify it on their personal space.

Engagement of advertisers:

  • The advertiser need to keep up to date his ads/sales, if an advertisement or a sale is no longer relevant it must be removed from your personal space.
  • The sale price displayed during the registration of your ad/sale must be exact, it is forbidden to increase after the price of the transaction with the buyer.

Engagement of the buyer:

  • The buyer must verify that he has the currency requested by the seller during the validation of the offer.
  • When validating the purchase, the buyer does not have the authorization to modify the fixed price, or even to disengage.

Any violation of this rule may be sanctioned by an automatic or manual suspension or ban of the account.