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Stock of Armory
Objects Level Price Publish the Category
[fr][Unyielding]Robot Left Arm (Sturdy)⭐⭐⭐50250020/04/2019 à 21h32Armors
[fr][Troubleshooter's]Harpoon gun⭐⭐40300020/04/2019 à 21h29Weapons
[fr][Berserker's]Black powder pistol⭐⭐5060020/04/2019 à 19h43Weapons
[fr][Weightless]Leather Chest Piece (Heavy)⭐5020020/04/2019 à 19h42Armors
[fr][Assassin's]Trapper Right Leg⭐⭐45200019/04/2019 à 21h04Armors
[fr][Furious]Grognak's axe⭐50200019/04/2019 à 21h02Weapons
[fr][Two Shot]Double-barrel shotgun⭐45150019/04/2019 à 20h38Weapons
[fr][Mutant's]Missile launcher⭐50100019/04/2019 à 16h37Weapons
[fr][Furious]Minigun⭐3580019/04/2019 à 16h35Weapons
[fr][Assassin's]Handmade rifle⭐45200018/04/2019 à 22h17Weapons
[fr][Vampire's]Tire iron⭐⭐5050018/04/2019 à 21h58Weapons
[fr][Stalker's]Railway rifle⭐⭐5060018/04/2019 à 21h57Weapons
[fr][Stalker's]Double-barrel shotgun⭐⭐4560018/04/2019 à 21h56Weapons
[fr][Stalker's]Pipe wrench⭐⭐⭐5075018/04/2019 à 21h55Weapons
[fr][Suppressor's]Walking cane⭐⭐5030018/04/2019 à 21h54Weapons
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