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Stock of Armory
Objects Level Price Publish the Category
[fr][Zealot's]Combat rifle⭐⭐⭐50100029/11/2019 à 11h11Weapons
[fr][Instigating]Fat Man⭐⭐⭐45200029/11/2019 à 11h09Weapons
[fr][Mutant's]Combat Shotgun⭐⭐⭐50400029/11/2019 à 11h05Weapons
[ru][Two Shot]Gatling gun⭐⭐⭐502000027/11/2019 à 22h11Weapons
[es][Ghoul Slayer's]Assault rifle⭐⭐50300004/06/2019 à 06h36Weapons
[es][Furious]Black powder pistol⭐⭐50200004/06/2019 à 06h35Weapons
[en][Executioner's]Combat Shotgun⭐50150001/05/2019 à 00h11Weapons
[en][Executioner's]Black powder pistol⭐50100001/05/2019 à 00h10Weapons
[en][Assassin's]Super sledge⭐50100001/05/2019 à 00h08Weapons
[en][Assassin's]Gauss rifle⭐45150001/05/2019 à 00h07Weapons
[en][Assassin's]Handmade rifle⭐45150001/05/2019 à 00h07Weapons
[en][Assassin's]Sledgehammer⭐⭐50150001/05/2019 à 00h06Weapons
[en][Anti-Armor]Shishkebab⭐45100001/05/2019 à 00h05Weapons
[en][Anti-Armor]Railway rifle⭐50100001/05/2019 à 00h04Weapons
[en][Anti-Armor]Pump Action Shotgun⭐45100001/05/2019 à 00h03Weapons
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